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A Customer is someone who buys something from you.  A client is someone who depends on you for ongoing advice on how to be continually effective in their endeavors.  WVIS has clients not customers.

World Visions Internet Services, LLC
was founded in 2003 by Partners Richard Bartz and Steve Highlander. Since that time WVIS has built hundreds of commerical web sites. 

Richard Bartz serves as the company's lead programmer and sever technician.  Richard started programing in the 1960's.  Today he is responsible for custom programming for our clients and data base development, as well as managing WVIS's bank of dedicated servers.

Steve Highlander brings over 30 years of multimedia advertising and marketing into the mix.  Steve's background is in newspaper publishing, graphic design, direct mail and cable TV Advertising.  He is also a professional writer, speaker, teacher and presenter.  He serves as Director of Web  Development and lead design technician for the group.  He also oversees the sales and support end of the business.

Together, the management team of WVIS brings both technical and marketing experience to the table.  We don't just build web sites, we build web sites that will help you reach your goals for your business or organization.

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