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Managed Hosting Solutions
Managed Hosting Services, Site Maintenance and Packages

We are not a retail hosting company. The only sites hosted on our dedicated servers are sites we manage for our clients. This means our resources are not shared between hundreds or even thousands of customers whose sites are hosted by retail hosting companies. This increases speed and security. Managed hosting is the way to go for companies or organizations who do not have the time, staff or knowledge to manage their own web sites. We pay attention to all of the details so you don't have to.

Your hosting account comes with as many custom E-mail addresses as you need to operate efficiently. We also provide encrypted E-mail for clients who need a higher level of security for their correspondence. Access to your E-mail via any browser is also available through our WEB MAIL program.

::Technical Support
Have a problem? No Problem! Call WVIS and our staff will quickly and efficiently solve it for you. No need to spend hours learning how to create an E-mail address or change a phone number. All hosting accounts come with free basic tech support for your site, programming and E-Mail.

::Site Maintenance
Every site needs to be updated occasionally. Some sites need regular updates on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The WVIS staff will take care of all your site maintenance needs. Basic site maintenance is included with all hosting accounts and includes minor site changes like names, phone numbers, etc. Advanced maintenance is priced based on your needs. Maintenance contracts are available for regular site updates or occasional updates may be paid for on a as-needed basis.

::Customer Managed Site Content
Many of our clients want some ability to edit the content of their site without the hassle and expense of having to have an employee who can build and maintain web sites using costly and complicated programs.  We offer our clients a nice option with our Rapid Dynamic Editor.  If you chose to maintain some of your own site content our online editor works almost exactly like Miscrosoft Word.  Anyone on your staff can update most portions of your content without having to worring about messing up the design or functionality.

::Domain Name Registration
will research the availability of your domain name or help you find an available domain name. We will register your domain name, manage the account and even keep track of expiration dates and let you know when it is time for renewal. All of this leaves you free to concentrate on your end of the business.


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Dedicated Server Hosting

Standard Web Hosting

100 Megs. storage space; unlimited transfer; 5 E-mail Addresses; tech support; and basic site maintenance.

Standard Non-profit

50 Megs. storage space; unlimited transfer; 5 E-mail Addresses; tech support; and basic site maintenance.

Advanced Hosting

For larger sites with data base programming, higher traffic or other rich features such as E-mail newsletter managers, photo galleries, back office programs, etc.

E-Commerce Hosting
From $49.95/Month

Complete custom designs, plenty of storage room for product photos and traffic. E-commerce training and ongoing site and advanced cart support. Includes Secure Server Certificate (SSL) services for secure credit card transactions.

Real Estate - Auto Sales - Ect.  Package
From $39.95/Month

Unique designs, featured properties, full support, staff training and much more. Plenty of storage space. Each listing can have up to forty photos, virtual tour, Google map, search engine optimization, property / neighborhood features, and much more...

Site Maintenance

Advanced site maintenance is available to all clients at $50 per hour for basic Web site work and$75 per hour for programming and database services.  There is a 1/2 hour minimum charge for billable work. WVIS will not do any billable work without prior approval.  For sites that are designed to change frequently you may choose a monthly maintenance agreement which provides a discounted rate as long as the contract is active.