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Domain Registration Services
WVIS can register your domain name(s) and manage them for you.  This takes the hassle out of learning about things like DNS settings, MX records and other domain related technical issues.  We'll help you find the best domain name possible, purchase it for you and make sure all the settings are correct for our servers.  Our goal is to make getting on the web as smooth and hassle free as possible.

Your domain name must be renewed annually, unless you register for multiple years.  Domain renewals are handled through an administration E-Mail account.  Many times  businesses may change an e-mail address or lose an employee who has been set up as the administrator.  With no way to contact you with renewal notices, your web site could go off line, you might have to pay an additional recovery fee or worse - you could lose your domain name to a competitor

Our Domain Manager service assures this will never happen to you.  Managed Domain names start at $35 per year (the industry standard at network solutions is $35 per year).  This includes annual renewals and any DNS changes that need to happen in the life of your site.  We will pay the annual renewals and bill you accordingly.


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