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RealtyPlus Real Estate Program
The WVIS team has worked with professional Realtors for over 10 years - from the very beginning of the move to web marketing for real estate.  We were on the leading edge of developing real estate listing programs with input from the Realtors as to what they wanted in a search and display program.  The result of this 10 year cooperative effort is the WVIS RealtyPlus program.  RealtyPlus is a powerful and versitle listing and search program that has a user-friendly administrative area and a is totally customizable to the look and feel of the individual Real estate office or agent web site.  The RealtyPlus program can be used a stand alone listing web site or can be added to a existing or new web site and skinned to match.

Key Features include:RealtyPlus Listings Page Example
  • Initial Search by location, property type and/or price range
  • Re-order listings by high / low price or most recent listings
  • Unlimited listings
  • Individual page for each agent in your office
  • Administrative and agent level logins allow agents to manage thier own listings without being able to acccess other agents listings.  Administratice access gives the administrator access to all listings as well as managing agents
  • Easy to use back office for the management of listings
  • Up to 35 photos per listing
  • Slide show of photos with optional individual audio track for each listing
  • Customizable search and display pages
  • Automated Google Map locations for each listing
  • Large Area Listing map with all for sale locations
  • Send to a Friend feature built into each individual property display allows you or a customer to send a property page directly to others
  • Facebook feature allows you or your visitors to add a property listing directly to their Facebook page with one click
  • Printer-friendly page feature allows you or your visitor to print a neat and tidy 8 1/2 x 11" flyer of your listing directly from the individual property page
  • Built in mortgage calculator on each property listing page
  • Bulk upload or drag and drop upload feature for picture uploads
  • More

You can have your own user-friendly,
searchable listings program starting at $499

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