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What is Managed Hosting


What do you means when you say managed hosting? How is this different from say hosting at Godaddy or Host My Site?

WVIS provides Managed Hosting for our clients. That means that we remain directly involved with helping you manage your site. In typical retail hosting the customer buys hosting and has to do everyting from setting up their domain DNS to designing, uploading and managing their site. All of this requires some special hosting knowledge. With managed hosting we manage all of the technical detaisl and provide basic site maintance as well.

Our managed hosting typically means that we setup and maintain our client's website, create the designs and programming and put it all in place, and then maintain the website with software upgrades and design changes as well as handling some of the content changes over time.  The client enjoys an operating website that stays up to date with minimal effort in their part.

Generally our customers can edit site content without having to know anything about hosting or web design. Managed hosting makes a lot of sense for businesses that want to concentrate on growing their business instead of managing their web site.


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